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Christian D - Singer, songwriter/guitar abuser, sounds like Joe Strummer and Nick Cave in a knife fight at Johnny Cash's house.

"One of the scene’s most magnetic performers, the singer-guitarist says he just wants to “write songs and then burn myself to the ground playing them live. “It’s like a self-exorcism. Hopefully, it’s entertaining to watch. If I leave the stage wrung out and barely able to speak, then I feel like I’ve done my job."  Errol Nazareth, The Toronto Sun

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new Hangovers on the way!

So- somehow we did a couple of shows with the Shake It! era Hangovers- we had been trying for awhile and it finally worked out.
That was really cool, I didn't really expect we'd be doing much else, a couple of shows, have some laughs and some good hang time. 
Turned out to be great fun.
Not long after we got a call seeing if we were interested in heading to our buddy Rio's Hamilton studio Downtown Sound- he had some open time he was looking to fill.
Amazingly  - the Hangovers were all into doing it. And oddly…Read more

Next up-

Ceol Kids Donation Drive Kickoff Party

New review of Rogues & Blushing Virgins on Sphere Music

Rogues & Blushing Virgins:Southern Gothic With a Touch of Burlesque.   

"Jericho River reminds me of True Detective, the first season. And hey the producers of the show should spotlight this release for their future seasons. So yes please, give this EP a listen because it satisfies the reality hiding inside us…more than we want to admit."

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<a data-cke-saved-href=""…Read more

Bucketlist Music Reviews- Rogues & Blushing Virgins

From Bucketlist Music Reviews

"What I really liked about this album is, how despite there only being three songs, Christian DeArmond and Helena Berlin managed to paint a dark musical canvas with tones switching up just a shade for each song as I listened through. I just don’t hear that often, or perhaps some acts may put one dark/sad song at the end of an album, ...or smack a few randomly in, making me crave more or wishing it wasn’t even included. Rogues & Blushing Virgins, however, was just a great ride of…Read more

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